You don't have to spend a fortune on your skin to look nice. How you treat your skin and what you use in treating your skin determines the end result.


  • Touching your face can be seen as a sexy act, we can touch our faces consciously or unconsciously for about 20 times in an hour! Crazy right? This carries dirt and bacterias to our faces making skin irritation or infections common and stagnant. WASHING your hands regularly is a perfect way to avoid facial skin irritation. You can also try not to touch your face but that is IMPOSSIBLE!

  • Keep your NAILS CLEAN and SHORT so you can easily see when there's dirt under your nails. If you love long nails you can also make it an habit of cleaning them before and after every meal, contact with things you don't actually see as dirt but you know will leave a trail of dirt under your nails.

  • A lot of people go to bed with MAKE-UP! This is a layer of chemicals that can and will damage your skin even if you don't do it regularly. NEVER GO TO BED WITH YOUR MAKE-UP! Take off your make-up, wash or clean your face, moisturise your facial skin before going to bed.

  • Have you ever thought about your pillow case been another reason why your facial skin can be so irritated??? When you sleep you leave a little leftover of everything on your pillow such as SALIVA, SWEAT, MAKE-UP, HAIR and HAIR PRODUCTS, DEAD SKIN PARTICLES... Try paying attention to your pillow case when making your bed, ventilate your room daily even for a very short period of time, this also helps to purify the air and brings in sunlight. Change your pillowcase regularly if possible.



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