All shades of colour and sizes. We are all special in our own different ways!

We can not all be the same, we are not created the same so we can never be the same.

REJECTION is one reason a lot of people feel the need to change or enhance their body type especially WOMEN. It could be rejection from a partner, a friend, the society, family or even someone they thought is their biggest love! Such heart break can lead to a drastic decision to go for surgical enhancement of their body which is never a 100% guaranty for their health.

In our modern society today, a whole lot of women feel INSECURE about their body types due to the comments and expectations from the society and the pursuit for the perfect body. Someone who already have a LOW SELF WORTH, LOW SELF ESTEEM can be impulsive. Mind your words when it comes to other people's body, have a little empathy and be realistic that dolls are not humans.

  • It is a personal choice to want to change your body type. If it makes you happy why not? Just make sure you have the funds for a GOOD PLASTIC SURGEON and more importantly more funds for your upkeep. There is always a disadvantage and they are not likely to be fun as you aged yearly, your body also ages, be it natural or enhanced. So make sure you are well informed and ask questions! If need be use your time and data well, do a research on google, medical sites and other search engines to see what you are getting into.

  • There are other ways to enhance your body but it is HARD WORK and needs more TIME. Physical exercises, getting a fit coach to eat healthy or a fitness coach to walk you through your journey in a gym. You will spend less money, you will feel healthy and will achieve your goal, it might not be exactly how you pictured it but hey... you are safe!

  • Appreciate your natural body even if nobody else does. You are your biggest fan so LOVE YOUR BODY! LOVE YOU! KNOW YOUR WORTH! #30bgnurse

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