HAPPINESS... Our happiness is very important, we all strive to be happy regardless any situation we find ourselves. Some people get lost or tangled in their feelings and emotions when someone can't make them happy.

Is anyone truly responsible for our happiness?


A happy you who meets a happy soul can only birth POSITIVE ENERGY.

A sad you who meets a sad soul can only birth NEGATIVE ENERGY.

No matter how much you console each other, try to complete each other, both your energy will eventually run dry someday leading to more mental break down and sadness.

Building YOUR PERSONAL HAPPINESS can be fun and adventurous, you get to figure out what truly makes you happy. You get to go on a trip looking for your happiness and exploring every EXPERIENCE, FEELINGS, EMOTIONS, MOMENTS and even a flash back in time to when last you were truly happy and WHY?

MAKE YOPURSELF HAPPY. Be consciously choosing to be happy, do the things you like and things that makes you happy, eat the foods that bring you joy and makes you light up with that amazing smile after eating, feed your soul with positivity and block off every negativity. Don't feel selfish choosing you first, prioritize your peace of mind and your happiness, that way you get to block off unnecessary guilt feelings that will enhance your mental wellbeing and happiness.

Remember... if you are not happy, you CAN NOT MAKE SOMEONE ELSE HAPPY!



are the happy hormones, we mostly talk about DOPAMINE as it is our MOOD BOOSTER!

Dopamine is the feel good hormone, look at it this way, hormones are a reward from your brain every time you are happy, so why not choose to be happy regardless your situation that you might not be able to change the moment you want to but TIME is also valuable, so go for the reward by been happy so you can increase the production of your happy hormones.

I bet you are asking yourself right now, how???

Well lets start by what you eat. Sometimes you might just overlook the advantages and power of the combination of your diet or meals in general.


















- SPICY FOODS ( Not too spicy and not on a regular!!!)






- All types of beans, fruits and vegetable, seeds and nuts, milk products and fatty fish that contains OMEGA-3 and many more. Make your meals healthy, combine your fruits, vegetable, fish and meat according to your choice of menu so you will not feel like you are punishing yourself. MAKE IT FUN!

✔ Beside food there are other ways to boost your happy hormones, physical activities like SEX! Yes SEX!!! You get pleasure from sex, you sweat, you use your muscles which makes sex a sport. Sex is a bed sport, the best cardio exercise you can think of. You also cum during sex which gives you more pleasure, body contact, hugs and cuddle, they all lead to happy hormones.

✔ Exercise outside daily, Stretching, you can run, go jogging or walk. Going to the gym is difficult and sometimes not affordable, use the free gift of nature and enjoy it. Taking a walk at the beach side can be relaxing, refreshing and calming to your soul. Meditation helps you to relax, reduce stress and makes you sleep better.

✔ Sleep! Learn to sleep enough! You might think sleeping is useless when you are stressed, unhappy or broke. Sleep is as important as food, so sleep. If you can not sleep at least 6 hours a night, compensate yourself with a nap during the day if you can. Make it an habit to sleep at a particular time on a daily. Meditate before your night sleep, speeds up your sleep and relaxes you.

✔ Building trust consciously on others you have chosen to, keep in touch with positive people around you, boost your self esteem by BELIEVING IN YOURSELF! Give and take HUGS. Try out new habits that will bring smile to your face, laugh more, keep a tidy environment like tiding up your room, your kitchen and keeping your home a clean place before leaving the house gives a good happy feeling.

Spend time with people that loves you! Give and take compliments.

✔ Listening to music relaxes you, listen to songs that gives you GOOSBUMBS! Make a play list of your favourite songs, if you feel like dancing do not play songs that will make you fall asleep, satisfy your thirst for a particular mood or song and enjoy it!

✔ Some people might need a little more push or a professional help to balance their hormones and some of these tips might not work fast enough, you also need time to practice and perfect these tips. If after all you tried and you still feel the need for a professional help please do, you do not owe anybody any explanation as to why you need professional help, it is absolutely ok to ask for help.


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